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If you publish your images to the web from Lightroom you may be wondering why it took until halfway through version 3 of Lightroom for a means to publish to, when the Publishing Panel was introduced in version 3 with a built in link to Flickr. But then again, you may not ponder those things. It just seemed odd to me that a program and a site that shared the same name – Photoshop, built by the same company didn’t work together from the start. Read More…

Adobe Community Programs

Last year (2010) I was part of the Adobe Community Professionals program (ACP). As defined by Adobe:

The Adobe Community Professionals Program is a community based program made up of Adobe customers who share their product expertise with the world-wide Adobe community. The Adobe Community Professionals’ mission is to provide high caliber peer-to-peer communication educating and improving the product skills of Adobe customers worldwide.

Read More…

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