Sharp Shooter eBook

Ever wondered why your images are not as sharp as they could be, or not as sharp as you thought they were? Well the new eBook from Craft&Vision by Martin bailey could hold some answers for you.

For the technically minded there is plenty of theory and for the practical folks theres quite a few tips and tricks that martin has proven by testing in the field. Read More…

Lightroom 5 Up To Speed

So, you grabbed the latest and greatest version of Lightroom (released last night) and you want to see what all the new goodies are about. Check out this fantastic rich resource from Craft & Vision.

About the book

Lightroom 5 Up to Speed is written by an Adobe Certified Expert who shows you all the new features and how to get started using the new tools. This 77-page eBook, and the companion videos (50+ minutes), will help you get up to speed with what’s new in your favorite digital darkroom software. Read More…

Timelapse -eBook

Dave Delnea’s newest eBook Timelapse – An Introduction to Still Photographs in Motion is an exciting eBook for photographers looking to shoot and process stunning time-lapse sequences!

Timelapse takes a step-by-step approach to the important aspects of creating moving photographs. Dave discusses the following key areas: cameras and lenses, tripods and support gear, intervalometers, tethering, filters, and of course the settings and techniques to pull it all together.

Read More…

Up Close

A guide to Macro & Close Up Photography.

The latest release from Craft & Vision is a great primer to the art and craft of Close Up photography. Andrew Gibson does a great job at covering the technical aspects without getting bogged down in too much detail. Perfect for anyone who is considering exploring the small world around us. Read More…


Making stronger photographs with your camera phone

We’ve all heard the sayings, “its not about the camera, its about the person using it” and “it doesn’t matter what camera you have, so long as you have it with you”. Well more often than not, the one you’ll have with you is the one on your smartphone, Read More…

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