Automating File Transfer

While Lightroom is capable of handling imports direct from external media there may be times when all you need is to simply get the data from the cards to the computer without launching Lightroom. You do have a simple option to drag and drop from the card reader to any location on your machine but sometimes even that is inconvenient. Plus, there is no way of knowing that the transfer was safe. Read More…

Photoshop Evangelist

A couple years ago Adobe ran a competition for “The Next Photoshop Evangelist“. As I know a bit about Photoshop I entered, and placed second. This year Adobe has run the same competition. The concept behind this competition is “Hidden Gems”.
A Hidden Gem is a lesser-known feature — or a new use for a commonly used tool — that you may not already know about. Currently I am placed in the top five finalists eligible for public voting. Whether you vote for me or vote at all is up to you but I still would like to share the videos I made with you. Read More…

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