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Lightroom Mobile – meeting update

A great meeting on Wednesday at “My Favorite Art Place“. Thanks to Scott and Jerri for the invitation and opportunity. As always when I teach, someone learns something. Even if that someone is me.

Adobe is storming ahead with changes to its Mobile Platform applications and Lightroom Mobile has some significant and powerful advantages for working with images on a mobile device and seamlessly syncing them to your Lightroom Catalog at home.

I wanted to follow up with two things – one of which I knew was capable but my brain was fried – and another bonus. Read More…

10 Tips for retouching

This list is less about how to do certain tasks and more about what I find myself doing in order to be productive in Photoshop. Perhaps you’ll have your own tips to add.

    Vary Your Tools
    We all fall into the trap of using familiar tools because they are after all, familiar. Yet we all have heard theres dozen ways to everything in Photoshop. Read More…

ALL is not lost

Im sure you have a decent backup strategy in place, right? Ok, so maybe not. If you haven’t, then you run the risk of losing your original files and seeing the “!” and the “file could not be found” labels.

File cannot be found Read More…

Adobe Max

adobeMaxI’m finally getting around to watching the Keynote from Adobe Max. The keynote gives a general overview of what Adobe has been working on and this year the push for mobile gets even stronger.

Not just working on mobile devices but actually being mobile with your personal settings linked via your Adobe Creative Profile. “Assets at your finger tips” Read More…

EIZO Monitors – Theres a reason they cost more. This list may help you justify the expense.

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