Lightroom Mobile – meeting update

A great meeting on Wednesday at “My Favorite Art Place“. Thanks to Scott and Jerri for the invitation and opportunity. As always when I teach, someone learns something. Even if that someone is me.

Adobe is storming ahead with changes to its Mobile Platform applications and Lightroom Mobile has some significant and powerful advantages for working with images on a mobile device and seamlessly syncing them to your Lightroom Catalog at home.

I wanted to follow up with two things – one of which I knew was capable but my brain was fried – and another bonus.

First there was a question of how to enable/restrict images from being downloaded from the browser. It is a simple checkbox, but it is only available via the browser interface. In order to see the option you must first share the collection which will make the collection “Public” – meaning you can share it with folks that don’t have an Adobe ID, or Lightroom, or Photoshop, or anything but a browser.


This will give you additional options, one of which is the checkbox to allow downloads.


Allowing downloads is a great way to share images with clients and friends without forcing images through email or text channels. For ongoing events or assignments you can simply upload new images from your desktop or mobile device with having to send another link.

Second is something I didn’t talk about at the meeting but came close to. That is editing images offline on the mobile device. What does”offline”mean? Well, on an airplane with no internet/wifi access would be offline. Essentially whenever your device cannot connect to Adobe servers you will be offline. Now you can of course still see your images, just as you can in Lightroom without hard drives attached to your desktop but you won’t be able to make any development edits to them.

To get around this you will need to have the images present on your device before you go offline. To make this happen, select the options for a collection by pressing the “…” and choose Enable Offline Editing


If it is very important, you can verify you have the image data you need by turning your phone to airplane mode and making sure you have editing tools.

This image below shows grayed development tools and the cloud icon has a warning when there is no network connection.

This image below shows full development tools and the cloud has no warning even though there is no network collection. This file is available for offline editing.

One thing that could be improved here is the ability to allow/restrict downloads from the Mobile interface at the time of sharing. Currently the only way is to visit the browser version and enable there.