August Meeting

April Meeting
When: Thursday August 28. 6.30-9.00pm
Where: Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church
110 S Fort Harrison Ave, Clearwater, FL

Color Management for Photographers
with guest speaker David Rogers

In this session we will look at the theory of Color Management for Photographers. We shall include Capture, Display and Print management for color accuracy and more importantly, predictability.

As well as managing color we will also look at the management of your expectations. Several questions are commonly asked. Its time to get some answers.

Why waste time fighting for color that can never be displayed or printed?

Whats the real difference between 8-bit and 16-bit images… and where do 32 bit ad 14 bit come into play?

Whats the best color space for my images?

Should I calibrate my monitor?

What does the histogram tell me?

Whats the best monitor for me?

…and more.

Ultimately all answers will be tailored to your personal workflow but there are many common elements for everyone to consider.

We will be meeting again at Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church in downtown Clearwater. It is easy to locate this Downtown Cathedral that is Pink! Parking is available in the church parking lot in the rear of the church campus.

Please attend if you RSVP. You must arrive by no later than 7PM as the church door will locked after that and we’re not allowed to leave it open.