New Features in Photoshop CC 2014

June 18th was a pretty significant day for Adobe and the Creative Cloud. 14 new applications – only confused by the fact that the names are the same – with some massive new features.

Lightroom got a boost with Lr Mobile being introduced on the iPhone, and its awesome for a version 1 app. but Photoshop really got some significant features for both photographers and designers.

Julieanne Kost has some videos that clearly demonstrate them:

How to Add Realistic Spinning Motion Blur Effects in Photoshop CC

New Typography Features in Photoshop CC

How to Align and Distribute Layers using Smart Guides in Photoshop CC

How to Use Layer Comps for Multi State Mock-ups in Photoshop CC

New Smart Object Features in Photoshop CC

How to Remove Distracting Elements using the enhanced Content Aware Tools in Photoshop CC

How to Use Focus Mask to Making Selections based on Focus in Photoshop CC

More Hidden Gems in Photoshop CC