June Meeting – Lightroom Mobile

June Meeting
When: Tuesday June 24. 6.30-9.00pm
Where: Menaul Fine Art 1750 North Hercules Avenue, Clearwater, FL.

Lightroom Mobile.
with guest speaker Mike Hoffman at Menaul Fine Art

Adobe recently released Lightroom Mobile. The first step in, no doubt many, to bring the power of Lightrooms database and camera Raw processing to photographers preferring or needing a more mobile solution than a laptop.

Guest Speaker, and fellow Adobe Community Professional, Mike Hoffman will be presenting the current release of Lightroom Mobile.

Lightroom Mobile Presentation Outline:

· Setting up Lightroom Mobile for the first time
· Creating and Syncing Collections to Lightroom Mobile
· Viewing and rating your photos in Lightroom Mobile
· Editing your photos in Lightroom Mobile
· Getting your edits back to your main Lightroom catalog
· Sharing photos directly from Lightroom Mobile

Whether you currently use a tablet or are simply curious, I recommend you come along to see the future of Lightroom.

Mike-HoffmanMike is a photographer, artist, educator, and technophile. Early in his career, he created technical illustrations and photographs for electronic equipment manufacturers, and taught classes in computer aided drafting and 3D modeling software. When digital cameras became widely available in the late 1990s, the move was a natural one, and has led to a happy combination of technology, software, photography and art.
Mike is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, Lightroom and Acrobat, and is well versed in Photoshop Elements, as well as Illustrator and InDesign. Mike is also an Adobe Community Professional – The Adobe Community Professionals’ mission is to provide high caliber peer-to-peer communication educating and improving the product skills of Adobe customers worldwide.

You can find Mike’s training online in these locations, among others:
Lightroom 4 and 5, Essentials and Advanced video courses at Digital Classroom ($, free samples)
Photoshop and Lightroom written and video tutorials at TipSquirrel (free)
Acrobat X and XI, Essentials and Advanced video courses at Infinite Skills ($, free samples)

Let us know in the comments section if you plan to attend or have any questions for Mike to address.