Adobe CC – Still Rocks!

With the possible exception of a web browser, Adobe apps are the most used apps on either of my computers. More than Lightroom and Photoshop but even if it were just those two (at $10/month) I would still be saying this Creative Cloud thing rocks.

Forget the ability to access all of the Adobe apps. Forget the 20GB of online storage. Forget the Behance Pro site, and the type kit, and the seamless updates. Just think about the next time you have to install them. Whether it be a computer upgrade or a hard drive crash there will come a time when you have to reinstall your applications and that used to be a 2 DVD tedious process with 16 digit serial numbers that you may or may not know the whereabouts of. Then theres the updates!

Recently I had a repair done on my Macbook Pro, part of which included a hard drive change. I had no concerns with information loss as I had everything backed up and had a Super Duper bootable copy of my system, but you know, when you have a spanky clean install why bother putting all the crap back in? I took the opportunity to whittle down those excess downloads and lower level applications by only installing what I needed. And what I needed was my Adobe apps!

So the long laborious process begins… download 1 app – Creative Cloud – Sign In – Click Click Click. Done!
I didn’t need to know any serial numbers. I didn’t need to know what version I was running. Adobe Creative Cloud subscription model rocks!
After installing the Creative Cloud application all I needed to do was sign in with my Adobe ID and select the applications I wanted to install. Then walk away.

Launching the applications.
The first issue, ok not really an issue because the solution is simple, was upon launch.

Since my hard drive was wiped, I had no way of deactivating the software or telling Adobe that I wanted to deactivate it. Not a problem. Select the second option.
Then sign in.
Adobe CC sign in

Then, when I launched Photoshop on my other computer I see this. Again, not a problem. Just sign in and get on with it. <<<< T-Shirt slogan. Adobe CC Sign In

Before the subscription model I did take advantage of my Adobe ID to register and store the software serial numbers which made reinstallation much easier. I also use 1Password to store all my software purchases information including serial numbers but in this case all I needed was my Adobe ID. I installed 6 applications without really thinking about it. And when I don’t have to think about crap that I shouldn’t have to think about, Im happy.