Let the Client Choose

After you’ve shot a bunch of images in several scenarios, one of your next steps is to whittle the volume down to a manageable amount. Often you can do this yourself for a personal shoot but there are times when a client or direct customer is involved.

You could send a folder of jpgs or upload a simple gallery but that often results in confusing emails or phone calls to determine the selected images. If you have a lot of images the size of each may be too small to determine significant details which will simply waste time when you get requests for “larger” versions. If you’re a Lightroom user there is a very simple cost effective solution that looks professional enough for clients yet simple enough, your grandmother can use it.

I have recommended the Client Response gallery by The Turning Gate for a few years now and this year it was upgraded again. A powerful plug-in for Lightroom that allows you to upload your images for clients to review, comment on, and via a built in form, select the images they are interested in so you don’t waste time perfecting the wrong ones.
TTG CE3 Gallery
When clients simply want to grab images for quick mockups you can also allow them to download larger versions than the thumbnails or previews.

One of the best features is the gallery employs the Highslide javascript which allows viewing of multiple larger images at the same time if your screen is big enough.
Highslide JS

All this in addition to a plethora of customizable options to add your own logo, intro text, and color schemes. Once the client has made their selections they simply use the form at the end to send a note to you. From the resulting email finding the images couldn’t be simpler. Copy the list and paste it into the search field in Lightroom.
TTG CE3 Form

Works great on Mobile platforms too.


All for only $25.

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