Automating File Transfer

While Lightroom is capable of handling imports direct from external media there may be times when all you need is to simply get the data from the cards to the computer without launching Lightroom. You do have a simple option to drag and drop from the card reader to any location on your machine but sometimes even that is inconvenient. Plus, there is no way of knowing that the transfer was safe.

The most vulnerable place for any of your images is that thin cable between the card reader and the computer; you know the one you wrap around your fingers and shove into the camera bag!

In this video I will show you how easy it is to setup a simple system to transfer your images to a temporary holding location, and better yet, a means of verifying the transfer was complete. Once setup is done, all you have to do in future is insert the card.

When you are ready, Lightroom can move the files from the temporary location to your regular storage folders making the importing process faster as the files are already safely on your drive. Attach an external drive and you can make a backup copy of the files during the import too.

You can get ChronoSync (Mac only) from A single license is $40 but they also have a fully functional free trial.

One Response to Automating File Transfer
  1. Michael Sheehan

    Thank you. Awesome short video on how to verify your imports and also provide another convenient backup solution in case you use your sd cards and haven’t already backed them up elsewhere. I set my chronosynch up to import verified files onto temporary folder on an external drive. Then I import from that verified folder and use those temporary verified files as a backup in case there is a problem with the files in LR. This has helped on my buggy system already this week. I intend to keep that temp folder for a few months until I have reviewed and edited my images and backed them up elsewhere. Thanks for a fine tutorial.