Customize Photoshop with your own panels

If you’ve been working with Photoshop for any length of time then you’ll probably have a few favorite features and tools that you use on a regular basis. I know I do. Some of them have keyboard shortcuts and some can be assigned keyboard shortcuts. But one can quickly run out of keyboard shortcut options or simply get to a point that you cannot recall what they are.

Adobe have an answer to this problem and its been around for a while. In fact they have recently released version 4 of the Configurator application which is designed to help you create custom panels for Photoshop CS6, CC and InDesign CS6. (For CS5 apps you can use Configurator 3)

Adobe Configurator 4

While the application is quite powerful in the hands of experienced users who may want to build panels for commerce it is very simple to use for those of us that simply want to organize our favorite tools. In my example, which took probably less than 20mins to create, I have gathered some tools I use regularly.

Theres no coding involved and plenty of help resources at To build this panel its simply a drag and drop affair. You can use html and javascript if you know that stuff and need it for your panel but I find most of the default parameters quite all I need for this exercise.

Adobe Configurator 4 interface

The finished panel contains quick links to my frequently used tools which saves me time especially when the tool is buried a few levels down or in the case of maximum and minimum I will invariably choose the wrong one. Mostly the tools are subsets of a list which makes them tedious to get to when I accidentally lose the trail of the menu.

Quick Stuff Panel

So, if you fancy controlling Photoshop just a little more, give Configurator a try or contact me and I’ll build a panel for you. If you want to try the one shown here for free then download it. You will need Adobe Extension Manager CC to install.
Installation is pretty much a double click – agree – done. Relaunch Photoshop and you’ll find the panel listed under the Window > Extensions menu.