Brush Control

Sometimes the seemingly minor changes can make a huge difference. I use Brushes and the Clone Stamp and the Spot Healing Brush heavily in retouching. Very often I will change the shape of the brush too from the standard round to some variation of oval to squeeze pixels into certain areas with certain direction.
That process for the Brush and Clone Stamp was tedious as I had to open the massive brush panel, navigate to the roundness section in Brush Tip Shape then make a change.

Well when the Spot Healing Tool was introduced, its contextual panel (Right Click / Control Click) had the roundness built in. Why on earth didn’t the Brush and Clone Stamp have the same? I probably wasnt the only one asking for this way back in 2008 but at least its here now.

Brush control settings in Photoshop CS6

Brush control settings in Photoshop CC

Now the next step Adobe is to allow roundness adjustment on the fly with keyboard shortcuts. We can adjust the size and softness of a brush with Control+Option+Dragging up or down, but what if we could also add the shift key to change the angle and shape of the round brush.