Great Light Easy Light

Strobe Techniques That Don’t Look Lit by Kevin Clark

The title really says it all as far as what this eBook is about. In the Craft & Vision style, a very easy concise read by Kevin Clark demonstrating several examples of how easy it can be to create stunning portraits from very simple setups.
Great Light Easy Light eBook

Although Kevin uses tried and tested methods with diagrams and images showing direct comparisons between large and small light sources he consistently makes reference to the main advantage of shooting digital.


Without the constraints and expenses of film he puts a lot of emphasis on the flexibility of digital imaging and while the examples he uses will get you close, if not exactly where you want, subtle shifts can bring a whole other dimension to your portrait lighting.

Craft& Vision eBooks are only $5.00. I think you’ll find this one is a very handy reference to have with you on your shoots.

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