Speedliter’s Handbook – review

Thanks to LRTB member, Michael Sheehan for taking some time to review this extremely resourceful book by Syl Arena.

If you want to learn about off-camera flash in one comprehensive interesting, well illustrated book from Peachpit press , this is the one for you. Although I am a Nikon shooter and have been using off-camera flash for a few years I still picked up many tips from this well written book by a master teacher of his craft.

It was very well formatted with numerous pictures and diagrams on most pages illustrating important points.
There are four main sections in the book. The first dealt with the fundamentals of light, both ambient and basic flash. Then there are 92 pages on the details of the Canon Speedlites and how to use them on the Canon cameras as well as well other types of lighting. The general principles are applicable to all cameras.

The next 62 page section describes all of the major modifications to speed lights as well as information on how to use them and also how to mount them and which batteries are best. The fourth section includes chapters on the details of classic lighting setups, how to use one, two and three speedlites to illuminate your portraits. Syl also shows how to use gels, high-speed sync, dim the sun and other special-effects in depth.

There is plenty of information in this book for both seasoned shooter (intermediate) and the photographer who wants to learn the basics of off-camera flash. I recommend this handbook highly for anyone with a camera.
Michael Sheehan.

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