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September Meeting
When: Thursday Sept 6 2012. Time: 6.30-9.30pm
Where: Beef O'Brady's, 8568 Gunn Highway, Odessa, FL 33556

This month we have three members willing to share some techniques and tools that have helped them in their workflow. In no particular order welcome Michael Sheehan, Dennis Ramos, and Rob Livingston.

Each of whom will be getting additional tickets for the Grand Prize Drawing in December for being brave enough to present. Please come out to support fellow members.
After their presentations we will spend some time with an open Q&A session so if you have any questions about Lightroom or Photoshop or just want to hear what others are asking, join us.
You can send your questions in ahead of time if you like. This will ensure we can have any particular files necessary to demonstrate with. Post your questions to the forum.

To RSVP please leave a comment below (login required) Each RSVP followed with an attendance is eligible for Grand Prize Drawing tickets.


Michael Sheehan

Michael  SheehanMichael will review the capacities of the onOne Perfect Photosuite 6. He  will demonstrate Importing files, layers, masking, backgrounds, compositing, some of the special effects and introduce us to onOne University tutorials.

"I am a longtime Adobe player since Photoshop 1 in 1990. But I got lazy and became a total Lightroom convert. It is limited but then I discovered onOne which allows me to cheat and extend LR's capacities. I still use content aware fill and the clone tool in PS when absolutely necessary.
I enjoy my day job as a psychiatrist and am an enthusiastic photographic hobbyist since darkroom developing in highschool. 
I helped organize Help- Portrait for the last few years and am assistant organizer for the tampa strobist meetup. I enjoy portrait photography most."

Dennis Ramos

Dennis RamosDennis is going to demonstrate a couple of methods of creating a shallow depth of field in your images. For those without super fast lenses ($$$) this can be a useful technique to draw attention to your subject.

“I live in the outskirts of Tampa in Seffner. In 1991, I started my career as a Registered Nurse in Brooklyn NY where I got my first film SLR. By 1998, I had started another career as a computer programmer where I began experimenting with Paint Shop Pro 5.0. Currently, I work as a Web Applications Developer for the school system in Largo.

I always love taking pictures and about 3 years ago I started to get more passionate and serious with photography and editing. I focus on artistic portraiture using mixed lighting and composites. My artistic style is ever evolving as I challenge myself in every image I make.”

Rob Livingston

Rob LivingstonRob will remove the mystery behind the Pen Tool in Photoshop and show how easy it can be to control and used to create selections. He may even take a round trip into Illustrator too!

“I have been a freelancer for over twenty years. My clients are advertising agencies with new home builder accounts. My career began tracing floor plans and site plans with rapidograph pens and templates by tracing them onto mylar taped on top of quarter inch scale blueprints.

I consider myself a digital artist because not only do I render technical drawings I also modify images removing unwanted parts. Currently, I’m a freelancer for a major door distributor creating massive amounts of door images from their raw photography. In between all that I’m a web developer currently redoing my snow ski club’s web site using Joomla!, a content management system.”


6.30 – 7.00 — Meet and greet (jibber jabber)
7.00 – 9.00 — Presentation
9.00 – 9.30 — Open Q&A.
The location for the meeting is the Beef O’Brady’s. We will meet in a private room, there’s only one, located to the back and left after entry.

Don’t forget to log in and complete the Feedback Form to get additional tickets for the Grand Prize Drawing in December.

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  1. Curtis Frey

    count me in. See you there.

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    I’ll be there. Looking forward to it.

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    Great see ya there!

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    Allan and I will be there!

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    I will be there.

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    Sounds great! Looking forward to it.