Lightroom in the Mac App Store

If you use a Mac and are running Leopard or Lion as your operating system then you’ll be familiar with the Mac App store as a way to get your favorite programs installed to your machine. The simplicity of purchases is what really makes the App Store very convenient.
If its in the App store you know it works on the Mac, updates are included, and you can install on up to five different devices. As its an electronic download, theres no disc or shipping charges and no box to dispose of – or keep on the shelf for sentimental reasons. Yesterday Adobe made Lightroom available in the App Store

So, are there any drawbacks to buying from the App Store as opposed to downloading direct from Adobe? Not really, but there are a few things you need to be aware of before making the decision to go that route.

  • This is a single platform license for Mac only. (The boxed version and the ESD offering on can be installed on Mac or Windows)
  • Updates will take place through the Mac App Store, not via for this version of Lightroom. When we update Lightroom for new camera support(about 4 times per year), the Mac App Store version may be released at a different time than the update on
  • There is no upgrade pricing available on the Mac App Store for Lightroom customers who own Lightroom 1, 2 or 3.
  • Because there is no upgrade pricing or upgrade validation currently available on the Mac App Store, there is no guarantee that upgrade pricing will be available to Mac App Store Lightroom 4 customers when Lightroom 5 and future versions of Lightroom are released.
  • Lightroom 4 is available on the Mac App Store in North America only

The functionality of the product is the same as the offering from Adobe direct.
As I see it, if you already own Lightroom there is no need to switch to the App Store version (unless that line about the upgrade pricing changes). If you don’t own Lightroom, work on a Mac or Multiple Macs, want a convenient way to reinstall apps when you upgrade your machine, have no other ties with Adobe – such as an Adobe ID or creative suite software purchases, then perhaps the App Store route is for you.
A prime example would be my mother. She has an iMac, can make purchases online and the App Store makes it super simple. There is also the added bonus of knowing that if it is on the App Store, its safe.

Let us know if you plan on purchasing through the App Store and what your experience is.