Making stronger photographs with your camera phone

We’ve all heard the sayings, “its not about the camera, its about the person using it” and “it doesn’t matter what camera you have, so long as you have it with you”. Well more often than not, the one you’ll have with you is the one on your smartphone, whether it be an android based device or Apples iPhone. Despite the clever title this book is not strictly about the iPhone or even images taken with an iPhone. Its about “this new category of mobile photography.”

Al Smith, the author, just happens to use an iPhone as it fits into his daily Apple based workflow. Consequently all of the apps he uses are available for the iPhone but may also be available for the other smartphones on the market. In fact the iPhone is mentioned so many times that I found myself getting a little annoyed at the reference.

But to discard this book as another iPhone photography book would be a mistake for its main discussion is the actual use of whatever device you are carrying in your pocket as a tool to communicate your vision or simply your daily life. In this 45-page pdf eBook you’ll find tips on sharing your images or even printing them that make it a very useful reference source in addition to a good dose of inspiration.

If you don’t shoot regularly with your smartphone this may just inspire you to do so, for me it simply reinforces why I should probably have one, but thats a different story.

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