Emailing with Lightroom 4

For those times when you’re flipping through your favorite collections and think – “I’ll send this in an email to ….” Lightroom 4 has you covered. Now before you tell me Lightroom 3 had the ability to email images let me agree with you but point out it was something you set up as a post process function, meaning you still had a stray jpg here and there because you didn’t delete them immediately after sending the email.

Lightroom 4 improved the functionality by eliminating the need to create a jpg on the hard drive. Now it communicates directly with your email program.

From the menu select, File > Email Photo… or use the keyboard shortcut, Shift + Cmd/Cntrl + M. In the dialog that appears you can enter the name of the recipient and a subject. In addition you can select the size you wish to send. Quite useful if you shoot large files but there is some safety net in the fact that you cannot accidentally send a raw file. Lightroom will always make a temporary jpg to attach in the email.

When you press send, your default email program will launch and there you can add a message or simply send the mail.
(Note to Adobe: I would love to add the message directly in the previous dialog box and ignore my mail program, thanks.)

Non Apple Mail Users

If you use a different mail service such as Googles Gmail then you will need to let Lightroom know that. Its quite simple. From within the Send Email dialog, click the drop down menu under “From” and select “Go to Email Account Manager“. Here you can setup your email service that you wish to use.

Now when you send an image via email from Lightroom you are given all sorts of room to compose a message, even format it too!


1. Im still waiting to receive my messages sent to my dot mac address. Mail sent to other addresses had no problems.
2. A member brought this error to my attention. But the fix was very simple. Create a new preset in the Send Email dialog box.

So now when you want to fire off an email to friends, family or a client you can do it from within Lightroom and continue working (or playing) as normal.