Lightroom Back to Basics

When: Tuesday February 21 2012. Time: 6:00pm – 9:30pm
Where: Ballantrae Community Development
17611 Mentmore Boulevard
Land O’ Lakes, FL 34638-7934

In response to several members asking if we could simply do something more basic, this meeting is designed just for that purpose. We will be taking a look at Lightroom from the beginners perspective.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios then this session is for you:

  • You have recently installed Lightroom but are really not sure of where to start.
  • Perhaps you’ve been using Lightroom for a while but every now and then “IT” does something to your files (like loses them).
  • All your thumbnails have the “?” icon on them and you don’t know why.
  • All your Folders in the Folders panel are greyed out and you don’t know why.
  • You think your images are stored IN Lightroom.
  • Your friend told you you needed Lightroom… and that was the end of the conversation.
  • You don’t know what a catalog is.
  • You do know what a catalog is but don’t know how it relates to your photographs.
  • You think you can remember where all your images are
  • You want to make great prints at home but don’t have Photoshop
  • You think you still need Photoshop

Lightroom can be somewhat overwhelming, as can any other software program, until you get a clear grasp of not only what it can do but also how to do it. And it always seems like everyone else knows exactly what to do.

This session is for the beginners to get their questions answered. If you don’t have any questions then come along anyway, you might discover something interesting.

We are renting a clubhouse and projector/screen for this meeting so there is a small fee to attend.
Register before Saturday 18th for the Early Bird price
Before 18th February: $5.00
After 18th February: $10.00
Note: tickets are nonrefundable after Friday 17th February

Register for Lightroom Back to Basics in Land O' Lakes, FL  on Eventbrite

SCHEDULE– Kind of.
6:00pm Doors open.
6:30pm Presentation begins.
7:30pm Break 15 mins.
8:45pm Q+A
9:15pm Doors close.

As always, all attendees of official LRTB meetings get a raffle ticket for the grand software prize in June.

7 Responses to Lightroom Back to Basics
  1. Beth McNabb

    I’m looking forward to this. David is very capable of tailoring the content to the group. I know everyone will get something from this class!

  2. Sherry1541

    Should be a great presentation. I just ordered Lightroom 3

  3. Christopher DiViccaro

    I fear it may be too basic, but I’m debating participation just to stay active with the group.

    • Christopher DiViccaro

      I went ahead and registered. I live north of the site for anyone else that may want to carpool.

  4. Sofia Lareau

    looking for one.

  5. Sofia Lareau

    is anybody going from Tampa?)

    • David A Rogers

      Probably. Are you offering a ride or looking for a ride?