Craft & Vision – Your Creative Mix

Your Creative Mix is written by a “non-photographer” – his words. Corwin Hiebert manages the careers of successful photographers and entrepreneurs and his goal for this book is to help you grow your business.

...the mistake most photographers make is that they either wait for the work to come to them or they feel the need to shamelessly self-promote. My belief is that inspired photographers will thrive when they stop attempting clever marketing tactics and instead simply work to attract fans to their creativity. In other words, stop whoring photographs just to get a few bucks; instead, create curiosity in your work and story. Let your creativity be your marketing strategy.

More than once Corwin suggests “putting things down” or “away” to release yourself from the pressure of doing what it is you want to do – succeed, and allowing yourself to just be creative in a field that is not necessarily photography or your photography business. He asks, where did the creativity go? You know that spirit you had as a child where anything was possible or at least nothing was impossible. I think every creative person may have asked that very question as they come to a certain point in their adult lives. Corwin offers some suggestions to regain that sense of creativity.

Despite the “quick-read” nature of the Craft & Vision eBooks there are some thought provoking questions asked in this one. The sort of questions that are are designed to make you think about and analyze yourself. I hate those questions. I despise the thought of me actually having to own up and come face to face with me, to answer, no, to find an answer to the question of why Im not doing what I ought to be doing, knowing full well if I do it I’d probably enjoy it. I know this because I’ve done the exercise before, always going into it kicking and screaming but always coming out of it feeling refreshed and re-focussed. This is definitely a read and re-read eBook.

But what if we define success a little differently? What if we focus on leaving a legacy of creativity instead of evidence of a career well done?

What Your Creative Mix does is show how the results of your own creativity don’t result from a single source or a single thought. Part two discusses the concept of Collaboration, what it is and most certainly what it is not.
Corwin throws in a couple of rants on “Going Pro” and “Industry Inbreeding”. A personal perspective on topics we are all familiar with.

I was particularly pleased with his section on “Teamwork” as often Photographers are seen, and some think of themselves as single entities, yet I cannot think of many that cannot attribute their success in part to a team of people, whether that be in the form of physical assistance, digital assistance or simply a counterpart to the creative spark.

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