Publish Plugin

If you publish your images to the web from Lightroom you may be wondering why it took until halfway through version 3 of Lightroom for a means to publish to, when the Publishing Panel was introduced in version 3 with a built in link to Flickr. But then again, you may not ponder those things. It just seemed odd to me that a program and a site that shared the same name – Photoshop, built by the same company didn’t work together from the start.

Oh well, that ended today when Adobe announced (quietly) that a plugin for was available for Lightroom. plugin for lightroom3 has been around for a while but was tied mostly to Photoshop Elements users which is probably why Adobe went with the Flickr plugin to begin the Publishing Panel as it undoubtedly had the market strength of professional photographers. The site ( has made some significant improvements in its interface and capabilities and Im glad it now communicates with Lightroom.
Using Photoshop Express you can adjust, organize, and backup your images and even transfer to and from your iPhone or Android. Perhaps more Lightroom users will begin using the site as a means for sharing and displaying their images now that these applications seem to be moving along the same track.

To install and use the Plugin take a look at these two videos