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Craft & Vision – A Deeper Frame

Founded by Photographer and Author, David DuChemin,
Craft & Vision has just released its latest eBook offering: A Deeper Frame

While other photography books could be classed as coffee table books, with their heft of imagery to peruse at your leisure, or instructional books with volumes of technical data, these books are more like easily digested chapters. Priced at only $5.00 to download, there’s definitely a “why not” aspect to ownership. I even managed to download and read the entire book, A Deeper Image, in one single Starbucks visit :)

I chose the PDF version although you can get it in iPad application form too. Set to fullscreen in Adobe Acrobat or Apples Preview, it provides an easy to read format with a nice balance of information and practical application solidified with beautiful photographic examples of how to give your images more depth.

Among other methods, David suggests a means of viewing your images beyond that of the rule of thirds that we are so familiar with that will create depth to your images inviting “readers” of your work to stay a while and explore what it is you are trying to communicate. The creation of depth is not limited to physical techniques as David asks that we explore depth through the emotions conveyed by our images.

“The world doesn’t need more
photographs. It needs photographs
that reveal something, that invoke a
feeling, that touch us on some level.”

In todays world of limited character length and consequently attention spans, a book like this is so easy to absorb and then re-absorb at another time. I all for the electronic format too, who wants to carry trees around?
To read a few paragraphs for the book, (any more and you’d be reading the entire book) visit Davids site – Pixelated Image

A Deeper Frame is available for download at Craft & Vision along with two dozen other titles.

But wait, there’s more!
For the next five days only you can have A DEEPER FRAME for $4 (discount code DEEP4). Or you can buy 5 eBooks for the price of 4 (discount code DEEP20). That’s their usual deal. But this is Davids 12th eBook, and he’s feeling punchy, so they’re offering their deepest discount yet. 12 eBooks for $40. That’s about 34% off the already ridiculous price. That’s $3.33/eBook! Use discount code DEEPER12 when you Visit Craft&Vision, fill your shopping cart and check out. These codes expire at 11:59pm PST July 2, 2011.