SaberStrip Launch Event

When: Saturday 30th April 2011. Time 1pm-5pm(ish)

Where: International Academy of Design and Technology
3rd Floor, 5104 Eisenhower Blvd, Tampa, FL 33634

Youve heard the rumors and seen some of the early results. Now its time to see this thing up close. Scott Krebs, the creator of the fantastic lighting modifier- SaberStrip, will be doing a hands on demonstration to show the evolution of the small flash.

What is It?

The SaberStrip is a lighting tool created for photographers. It’s unique shape allows for soft controlled light, quick setup, excellent wind resistance, and unmatched mounting options. With 29 inches of soft wrap around light in one direction this 2 inch wide strip has the ability to yield controlled and defined shadows.

The SaberStrip‘s lightweight construction and sturdy mounting allow it to be used in arrangements that take advantage of easy positioning about a subject without the need for a boom arm or heavy sandbags.
Providing light that is soft with a quality similar to that of a large soft box or umbrella, the SaberStrip‘s wind resistant shape affords photographers the ability to setup in locations and conditions that other modifiers just aren’t suited for.

Who is it for?

Photographers who are already using off camera lighting and and are adding to their tool kit as well as photographers who are just beginning to delve into lighting and asking themselves, “what’s the difference between soft and hard light, and how do I control it. Both experience levels will gain something from this event.
Scott Krebs, the designer of the SaberStrip will explain the concepts of lighting shape, balance, and direction, and demonstrate why the SaberStrip could be one of the best lighting modifiers you can own through comparison with different equipment and techniques.

Why should I attend?

Scott will be giving away two, yes two! SaberStrips. Raffle tickets can be purchased at the event only. You or your friend 😉 must be present to win. SaberStrips retail for $135 each!
Besides that, as if you need another reason, Scott will be shooting a live demonstration with the SaberStrips directly to Lightroom 3. So if you’ve never done a tethered shoot before, this would be a great opportunity to learn.

SaberStrip at a glance
  • Unique shape allows for controlled output
  • Extremely quick setup
  • Excellent wind resistance
  • Unmatched mounting options
  • Fantastic portability

Saberstrip Flash Mount

Scott Krebs

Scott became inspired by photography more than twenty-five years ago. Piqued by the possibilities of images, he took darkroom classes during the evenings, which began the curvy path that grew into a rewarding career. Graduating from high school yearbook photographer to a full time career in photography. It was his experience with Photoshop classes at the Ringling College of Art and Design that developed into an opportunity with an engineering firm where he rose from draftsman to become the head of the electrical department.
He now regularly uses programs such as Autocad, Microstation, AGI32 and Solidworks, working as a senior electrical designer at Hatch Engineering in Tampa. Through years of experience with 3D models and lighting design Scott was able to conceive and develop the SaberStrip as a solution to several problems posed by the current light modifiers offered on the market today.

1:00pm – 1:30 Social + Announcements
1:30 – 4:15 Presentation
4:15 – 4:45 Q&A
4:45 – 5:00 Raffle Prizes

All attendees will get 1 entry to the grand prize drawing in June.
If you register early – before noon Thursday 28th – you will get an additional raffle ticket.