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as a result of feedback concerning the Adobe User Groups site, I have developed a new face for Lightroom Tampa Bay.

The goals:

Create a site that is visually pleasing
Create a site that is easy to navigate
Create a site that can be updated easily
Create a site that people don’t dread going to

The new site has most of the features that were available, albeit awkwardly, on the Adobe Groups site.

An introduction to visitors stating the purpose of the site along with links to the latest 4 Lightroom entries.

This is where I will be posting information on news relating to Adobe / Lightroom / Photoshop etc. I will also be posting details of events and meetings here. There is also a list of sponsors. To read more details, click the title of the post. You will be able to comment on the post at the end of each one.

This is where all the videos and tutorials will be posted. There are also a bunch of external links to blogs and sites with Lightroom centric information.

This page is for anyone who needs to contact me about the site, whether that be current members or stray visitors.

The forum will take the place of the previous discussions area. Hopefully you will find it easier to navigate. There is a section for General discussion. Groups suggestions along with Lightroom specific topics. You will need to log in to post ( this is not related to your Adobe ID ) So yes, you need to register.

Hopefully you will be pleased with the change.

There is also a Flickr Group set up for Lightroom Tampa Bay. The link is at the top right of the site. Feel free to post your images, the latest of which will feed into the widget on the contact page. If there is a demand for it, then later I may setup a complete gallery page.
If you want your images to be featured in the carousel sliders please send them directly to me. Or post them to your Fickr account and send me the link. The cropped sizes are 220px x 360px or 940px x 220px.

Some things Im still working on:
RSVP: New members will still need to register with Adobe and get an Adobe ID as we will still be using the Groups site to RSVP for events. I have looked at a few options that could have worked with the new site but they didn’t so until I find one, responses will have to go through their system. Also the member list on the Adobe Groups site is still the only way I can email everyone at once when necessary.

Thank you and feel free to give feedback (preferably via the forum)

David A Rogers

Lightroom Tampa Bay