Get Started with Tethered Shooting

Following last weeks session on tethered shooting I just wanted to post a quick refresher as a reminder on how to get started with tethered shooting using Lightroom 3.

File > Start Tethered Capture > Tethered Capture

The next dialog is used to determine the name of the Session (which will become a folder) a Naming Convention, and a Destination for the files as they come in. You also have the ability to assign any Metadata (such as copyright settings) and Keywords.

If you are shooting more than one object or persons during a session you might want to consider using the “Segment Photos By Shots” option. This will create sub-folders which you can name as you go.
For example: if you are shooting a series of portraits involving different subjects during a day then the shot name could be the name of the person.

To create another segment click the small gear wheel icon on the lower right of the Tethered Capture Window (that thing with the button on it).
Alternatively you can click the name of the current Shot Name to enter a new name.

TIP: If you type a name that already exists, the images will go into that subfolder. So if you have to reshoot a subject simply enter the same name.

Plug in your camera if you haven’t done so already, wait a moment for it to be recognized and thats basically it. You’re ready to shoot.
On December 4th this is how we will use Lightroom to help a team of photographers shoot some very special portraits as part of the International Help-Portrait day.

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