Customizing Panel End Marks

Most of the time I’ll advocate hiding the panels in Lightroom to allow more space to view or work on images, but its interesting to note that the engineers actually allowed for the customization of the panels or more specifically the Panel End Marks.The default is the Flourish but others are already built in.

Right click on the Flourish symbol to see your other choices. Notice at the bottom of the list there is an option to “Go to Panel End Marks Folder”. Thats the folder we will be saving our custom file in.

First we need to determine the space we have available for the graphic. On a Mac you can press shift + command + 4 and draw over the area just like you would make a selection with the marquee tool in Photoshop but BEFORE you let go of the mouse, press the control key. This will copy the dimensions to the clipboard.

You could also use an application called PixelWindow to measure the space. It works on Mac and PC.

Open Photoshop and create a new document. If “Clipboard” is not the active preset, select it. This will create a document with the necessary dimensions.

Create a graphic of your choice, keep it relatively simple so as not to distract from your actual images. In this case I have created a transparent png file so the gray of the interface will remain.

In Photoshop, select Save for Web and Devices from the File Menu. PNG files support transparency but if you choose PNG-8 make sure you set a Matte color of 45,45,45. The edges will thank you for it. If you choose PNG-24 you dont need to worry about the edges but the file size will be slightly larger.

Save the file in the Panel End Marks Folder and from within Lightroom, right click again on the Flourish and select your custom file. Maybe your custom file can promote your business or simply enhance a shoot showing for a client for those times when the Panels have to be seen.

A final tip: If there are items in the Panels that you never use, then why not hide them altogether by unchecking them from the list. (shown in the first image)

2 Responses to Customizing Panel End Marks
  1. David Rogers

    To be clear, you can name it whatever you want. The name I gave it is not specific or secret to this application. This means you can have many custom images ready to load whenever you want.

    Does the PC version have a link “Go to Panel End Marks Folder” at the bottom of a list. Thats the easiest way to locate any of Lightrooms presets.

    Glad you found the tutorial useful. Show us how you will use it.

  2. Beth McNabb

    It took me awhile to getting around to do this.

    If you have a hard time finding where to save your custom logo file, click on flourish and then the custom panel end marks and see where the file is. Mine was C:\Users\Beth\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom.

    Then, I had a hard time getting Lightroom to find it in the Panel End Marks Folder. When I relooked at the illustration above, I realized you had named it “Custom Panel End Mark”.

    Success! I may be on the slow end of the learning curve, but now I look like I know what I am doing!

    Thanks for a great tutorial David!