Shortcut to Help

Lightroom probably has more shortcuts than any other program I know and many of them are not intuitive at all. For example, if the “D” key takes you to the Develop Module why wont the “L” key take you to the Library or the “W” key to the Web Module.?

Help Menus The “W” key actually takes you to the Develop module and activates the White Balance, but only if you are in the Library or Develop Module. See what I mean about intuitive?

Learning just a few shortcuts can save you a lot of time, but which ones will depend entirely on your workflow. Perhaps at some point we will have the ability to customize the shortcuts just as we do in Photoshop, but until then here are a few:

Cmd/Cntrl + Opt/Alt + 1 will take you to the Library module
Cmd/Cntrl + Opt/Alt + 2 will take you to the Develop module
Cmd/Cntrl + Opt/Alt + 3 will take you to the Slideshow module
Cmd/Cntrl + Opt/Alt + 4 will take you to the Print module
Cmd/Cntrl + Opt/Alt + 5 will take you to the Web module.

These are most useful when you are in full screen mode and have the top panel hidden (F5 by the way)
My personal favorite for getting back to the Library though, is “G“, which also puts me in Grid View.

Rather than list the entire set of keboard shortcuts here I wanted to show you a way of getting access to some of the common ones. In any Module press Cmd/Cntrl + ?. This will bring up an overlay of shortcuts specifc to the module you are in. To get rid of the overlay, simply ckick on it. Scanning the shortcut list from time to time will no doubt make you more efficient in Lightroom, giving you more time to do what you really want to do – Shoot!